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Customer Analytics

ClickSquared provides a wide range of marketing analytics and strategic consulting services. From customer value analysis to advanced predictive models, ClickSquared's marketing analytics experts provide meaningful analysis, present clear, relevant findings and develop concrete marketing strategies based on those findings. Our analytical approach leads to more effectivedatabase marketing and cross-channel marketing strategies such as customer acquisition, growth, retention, and win-back programs. When your customer analytics needs extend beyond the clickSCORE, ClickSquared’s Analytics team provides:

Exploratory and Structural Analysis

Solutions include:

In addition, ClickSquared offers a variety of marketing analytics including customer profiling, customer value analysis, campaign pro-forma ROI planning, and ROI Assessment as well as in-depth analyses ranging from customer behavior and attitudinal trends, to experimental design and predictive modeling that can help to solve your marketing challenges.

ClickSquared offers an industry-leading database marketing platform. The platform is entirely cloud-based, allowing clients to access it anywhere. Software as a Service (Saas) has changed the way businesses manage their customer marketing applications. ClickSquared provides cloud database marketing software, freeing-up a company’s assets. Moreover, companies are able to focus their time and money on the effectiveness of their marketing programs instead of database maintenance, software upgrades, and hardware upkeep.

By moving to the ClickSquared database marketing platform, companies will see lower costs, free-up valuable IT resources, have constant access to cloud database marketing, and benefit from a top-notch product.