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Customer Intelligence

Explore Customer Data, Identify Opportunities, and Take Action Immediately

With Discover, our Hub's customer intelligence module, marketers have an intuitive way to explore customer data without asking for help from technical specialists. ClickSquared's Cross-Channel Marketing HubSM enables marketing users to gain critical insights through a highly flexible data visualization interface, making it easy to spot customer trends and opportunities, and then take immediate action to select target audiences for marketing campaigns and programs.

 Analyze Customer and Campaign Data Visually and Easily

Truly understanding customers is fundamental to successful marketing.  To do so, marketers need to be able to explore and analyze reams of customer data and go back to the data often.  But how can marketers still be nimble and effective with their marketing if they have to ask technical or analytical staff for help with data analysis every time?  Discover is a full-featured customer intelligence tool that allows marketers to explore data via a drag & drop interface and depict that data in visual, graphical formats.  Discover also enables marketers to drill down into reports and charts to understand the underlying details.

Discover helps marketers analyze and explore customer data on their own and turn insight into action:

With ClickSquared's Hub, marketers have intuitive and user-friendly customer intelligence software to explore their customer data.

Move Rapidly From Insight to Action

The data exploration capabilities of Discover help marketers: