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Attract and Convert Fans and Followers

Marketers often struggle with the question of whether or not to add social campaigns into their marketing mix. Beyond that, they have to decide how it fits in with their other cross-channel campaigns. How much time and manpower will it take to manage my social marketing campaigns? How do I attract new fans and followers? Can social really drive leads and sales? How do I engage existing fans and followers? How do I convert those semi-anonymous fans and followers into my direct marketing programs? 

clickSOCIAL has your answers.

clickSOCIAL makes it easy to design and deploy games, contests and polling apps into Facebook and Twitter --  and convert fans and followers into direct marketing programs.

In minutes, marketers can publish games, polls and contests – all customized to reflect their company’s look, feel and brand image – for viral marketing, brand awareness, referral generation, to mirror marketing campaigns, and for market research. By simply requesting basic email information to engage with the apps, clickSOCIAL is the bridge from social broadcast marketing into direct marketing – and seamlessly managed within ClickSquared's Cross-Channel Marketing HubSM

clickSOCIAL is Perfect For:

If you're looking to increase your fan and follower count, make your Facebook page and Twitter handle more dynamic, and grow your marketing database, clickSOCIAL is right for you!