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clickSCORE: Customer Modeling Made Easy

Predictive models analyze past customer data to assess how likely a customer is to behave in a certain way in the future.  They analyze and understand which products are most appropriate for each customer, predict the customer’s buying habits in order to make relevant offers at the proper time and touch point, and proactively identify risks that can result in the loss of a customer.

ClickSquared has developed hundreds of predictive and descriptive models for its clients over the years – and has come to understand that there is a high degree of commonality across those models within specific industries.  clickSCORE --  representing a over a decade of modeling and experience --  packages the most proven and powerful models for easy use. 

Predictive models such as likelihood to convert, time to next purchase, likelihood to attrite and  next best product are embedded in ClickSquared's Cross-Channel Marketing HubSM and are “always-on” for the most accurate and up-to-date customer understanding.  Descriptive models such as RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) and customer categorizations such as new, lapsed, lost, reactivated, core-stable, core-grow, core-decline, core-best are also available --  helping the marketer to better target and time offers and messages.

clickSCORE models are currently available for:

clickSCORE models – always on, always accurate -- can be licensed as needed, and are immediately available for use.  The customer scores and descriptors are stored within the Cross-Channel Marketing Hub database like any other data fields, can be used to develop business rules, define campaigns and perform ad-hoc analysis as desired.