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How Top Performers Execute, Analyze and Measure Targeted Campaigns Across Different Marketing Channels

Knowing what to sell, when to sell and whom to sell – and, just as importantly, knowing what not to sell, when not to sell, and whom not to sell – are key considerations that sit at the very heart of modern day marketing success. This deep dive report from Gleanster explores how top performing companies are seeing measurable impact on cost reduction and revenue growth by improving their cross-channel marketing capabilities. 

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Creating a One-to-One Dialogue Through Social Interaction

Developments in social marketing provide rich opportunities for companies to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.  Download this timely white paper, supported by insights from ClickSquared and Peppers & Rogers Group, to begin leveraging the power of social media. 

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Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing represents a converged discipline that blends timeliness and the new power of Web 2.0, granular personalization, and analytical marketing models with the principles of traditional database marketing.

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Evaluating Digital Marketing Systems: Criteria to Consider

With cross-channel marketing, businesses can build relationships that captivate and motivate prospects and customers across an entire buying lifecycle, while providing measurable results. The platform these programs run on should support a long-term vision for the role of cross-channel marketing encompassing a complete range of services and facilities in an integrated management and communication system.

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