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Email Marketing

Email is the most cost-effective and mission-critical communication channel for most marketing organizations today. But how can you send fully targeted and personalized messages without completely integrating your customer data? How can your email marketing messages be delivered quickly and cost-effectively, given how difficult integration can be? How can you orchestrate your email messages with your direct mail, mobile, social, survey, and web communications? You could handle the execution of your email marketing and cross-channel marketing yourself, but it means you must take on the complexity of ensuring delivery, maintaining deliverability, assuring compliance, and replicating business rules across multiple marketing platforms.

The Cross-Channel Marketing HubSM is the solution. The Hub is a fully integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) cross-channel campaign management and email marketing software platform.

The Hub Cross-Channel Marketing

The Cross-Channel Marketing Hub SaaS marketing platform makes it easy to design email campaigns and messages, while deliverability services are managed by ClickSquared:

ClickSquared supports the entire life cycle of email marketing and cross-channel marketing messages, from ideation through to post-campaign analysis.