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Call Center

Whether used as a primary channel, or as a complement to other direct channels, the call center remains an essential part of a cross-channel customer dialog.   

Outbound calling remains indispensible for considered purchases and helping customers to understand and adopt complex products. It also puts a human voice to your company, and is often a critical element for establishing trust and increasing customer engagement.  In all cases, marketers must take better advantage of moments when customers and prospects contact them. But how can marketers apply the same analytic rigor to marketing through the call center -- both inbound and outbound -- as they typically do for outbound campaigns? How can personalization and offer history factor into a live customer conversation?

The answer is ClickSquared's Cross-Channel Marketing HubSM, a highly acclaimed cross-channel marketing platform. 

Using ClickSquared's Cross-Channel Marketing Hub, call center personnel can directly access current offers, campaigns, response history, understand and supplement customer preferences, and incorporate that information into their service and sales dialogs.

Outbound call centers, whether working from batch lists or interacting with our Hub's APIs, can execute marketing campaigns and be assured of both delivering a consistent message and honoring customer preferences.

Audience segmentation, exclusions, and offer assignments are consistently managed across channels by the use of shared business rules.  ClickSquared's Hub also has a shared repository that enables the use, re-use, and tracking of campaign building blocks including audiences, segments, offers, treatments, content and exclusion rules, and a comprehensive cross-channel interaction history for each customer or prospect of contacts made, offers presented, context and campaign details, and response or non-response -- all critical in building an effective, ongoing dialog within, and beyond, the call center.